My Upside Thinking

My Upside Thinking

Here’s How A Mani/Pedi Taught Me
a Tough Lesson About Business

My journey to becoming a small business owner was a non-traditional one and began when I was hired by the U.S. Customs Service several years after college.
I showed up for training with long blonde hair; red, white, and blue fingernails; and a pair of black high-top Guess sneakers -- instead of the stereotypical scowl and combat boots. As you can imagine, this did not go over well.
I had envisioned sitting at a big mahogany desk, with the official seal of the United States of America emblazoned on the name tag on the door to my office.


Well, the joke was on me because...

What I got was an assignment to work on the rat-infested piers of New York with some pretty cranky men who didn’t think women should be working in law enforcement. (Oh, I could tell you some stories!)

Some of the guys called me “Hair and Nails,” and a few did their best to make my life a nightmare.
Oh yeah, and there was no pretty desk…no fancy seal…no nice office.

I realized quickly that it was going to be VERY different than the detective shows I watched on television as a kid. (No, I was not *sigh* going to be one of Charlie’s Angels.)

I also recognized that being my speak-when-spoken-to self was not going to enable me to excel in this arena.

I needed to find my voice.

Officer Lisa Marie Platske

So I set out to find it. I worked filthy assignments in the heat, snow, and rain − lifting boxes, driving a forklift, and sifting through smelly shipments for narcotics and money laundering busts. I worked grueling 16-hour shifts after losing my mentor in the Trade Center bombings, a time period that will be forever etched in my mind.

And you know what? While I can’t say I was the best at enforcement, I was smart, hard-working, quick-witted – and I found my voice.

Over time, I earned the respect from those tough-as-nails men as they came to treat me like one of the boys. I was also one of the fastest promoted women on the job, something I am proud of to this day.

When I left federal law enforcement after 10+ years, I had a new nickname: “Mary F’in Sunshine”.

Success Lies Just Past Your Comfort Zone

I’m passionate about coaching, training, and speaking on topics such as leadership, vulnerability, connection, communication, performance, positioning, and productivity to corporate leaders and business owners alike.

You can count on my expertise because it is from…

  • An award-winning, certified master coach
  • A practical, no-nonsense approach
  • The hard-knocks lessons of Mary F’in Sunshine

You can also count on my strategies to take you beyond your comfort zone – which is where I believe success is waiting for you.

With all of my love and guidance,

Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie Platske - Upside Thinking