From Rule Breaker to Rule Maker: Excellence in Action

I was always told, “Why must you be such a troublemaker?” 

As a kid, I usually answered that I didn’t understand. 

I was just doing what comes naturally to me. And, as an adult, I have honed my skills. 

See, what you may not know about me is that when I come into a situation, I assess everything.

Part of it is just how I’m wired.

Part of it was my training and career in law enforcement. Walking into a crime scene or a highly risky situation involves not just casually coming in and looking around. It takes keen observation.


Brain firing off questions and looking for answers or clues.

Taking in every detail to solve the puzzle of what was present – what had come before, and what might occur in the future. 

Now as a consultant and coach, when I walk into a business or have a conversation with a CEO or entrepreneur, I am doing much the same process—it’s just with a lens of trying to make it better. 

I assess to address. 

Address the problems and issues that are getting in the way… 

My commitment is to creating a world where everyone wins, and that means, in doing my work, I aim to elevate and promote success.  

Sometimes, that means that “what is” has to change. A lot. It usually starts by making new rules.  

Because the truth is that the rules, whether stated or not, keep the organization or situation as it is.  

Can you follow then that when I get there are rules within the system – and I chose to create a new system, it’s not to just cause trouble, it’s with a very clear intention to improve. 

So what used to get me in trouble as a younger person or a naïve consultant when I might not have explained my approach, now gets me paid very generously. 

If you see yourself as a troublemaker of this kind, take note. The world needs us!  

This is a time when we need people to come in to help improve systems and situations.

It starts with your own circle of influence.

Have the courage to be a “troublemaker.” 

ACTION: The Upside Challenge of the week… is to start at home or at work.

Sharpen your observation skills to see, really see what’s going on.

What are the systems and rules in place that keep it on track or keep it continually going off track? 

Be committed to better… 

The world needs you and your brilliance.

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