For many reasons, my favorite holiday of the year is Thanksgiving. 

The main reason has been because gratitude has been a life-changing force in my life. 

Every day I get to choose how I will respond to the downs and ups in my life and business. 

Every day I get to decide whether to give energy to that which leaves me heartbroken or hopeful. 

And every day, I get to select the emotions that keep me feeling overwhelmed and powerless, or calm and grateful for all I have. 

When I have chosen gratitude, everything works out better for me. 

Now more than ever, I’m seeing the blessings woven within the challenges. 

Choosing to be thankful with the action of gratitude moves gratitude from a passing thought to something tangible. 

This is a high-level leadership skill, especially when you consciously do this with your time, talent, and treasure. 

Yesterday, I went to lunch with a friend and was richly blessed to leave a tip that was double the total of our lunch bill. 

The waitress was a single Mom with three kids who made me feel thankful for the intersection of our paths. 

Several years ago, I implemented “Thankful Thursday” in my business so Thanksgiving didn’t happen just once a year. 

This “Thankful Thursday” celebration started out as a simple way to thank clients, colleagues, and friends. 

My clients would offer up gratitude for those who had their back on their leadership journey. 

They would extend love and give thanks for the ability to design their destiny, using their gifts, abilities, talents and experiences every day. 

As someone who decades ago thought I didn’t have anything to be thankful for in my daily life, my practice has taken a 180-degree turn where I’ve gone from Negative Nancy to Mary F’in Sunshine (or at least that’s what my nickname was when I left my career in Federal law enforcement). 

On this journey, I’ve also learned to be thankful for who I am. (I can’t explain how truly difficult that has been…) 

  • For my struggles and challenges — and the lessons they brought.
  • For my failures and missteps – and the humility they gave me.
  • For my successes and accomplishments – and how they increased my confidence.

 Great leaders get this. 

No matter what is going on in your life, there is always something to be grateful for in the moment. 

ACTION: The Upside Challenge of the week is to take the time every day this week to write a list of at least 10 people, things, situations, blessings, experiences, even challenges you are grateful for in your life. 

Envision each one – and note how it feels to see and receive this blessing/gift. 

Notice how it changes you – both in the moment and over the course of the day. 

Remember to be grateful for yourself. 

The world needs you and your brilliance.. 

*On a side note, the more specific you can be with your genuine appreciation, the more sincere and personal it feels to the receiver — and the greater the resonance change within you at a cellular level. Yes, it actually changes how it feels to be in you and with you. 

The world needs you and your brilliance.

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