It was 1994.

I was on my way to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center for basic training.

While there were people in my family who were familiar with law enforcement, it was because of being on the other side of the law, not being in the blue uniform.

I had no idea what to expect or if this would turn out well.

On the outside I was full of bravado, and inside I was shaking in my boots. (Which were really a cute pair of black Guess hightops…another thing that didn’t bode well at the Academy with the other women. Deep sigh. )

When I had completed my training and was at graduation, I was in shock and awe that it was happening.

I was going to be a Federal Law Enforcement Officer.

They handed me my badge and credentials that said, “This officer possesses integrity.”


Integrity… I thought back to see how I had learned and earned integrity and many other skills.

The badge was like a seal of approval.

I remember sitting on the plane ride back to Newark, NJ from Jacksonville, FL thinking I can’t believe this is my life. What now?

If you had told me that I was going to spend 10+ years in law enforcement and experience incredible lows and highs – and then step into the world of entrepreneurship helping clients (and myself) earn millions of dollars, I would’ve laughed at you.

While my Mom and I had a rocky relationship growing up, she believed in me, yet given some of what I experienced in my childhood as well as my family history, I should’ve been a statistic, not a success.

So, as I’ve been reflecting on the past 25 years of my life, I realized that I have mentored over 10,000 leaders and developed courses, products, classes, webinars, and hosted retreats and live events.

I’ve trained other women in business how to design their destiny and create a life of their dreams.

And here’s the cool part…

When I was sitting in my classes at the Academy all those years ago, I had no idea I would be in the classroom and on stages around the world with students looking to me for wisdom.

When I was teaching as a Federal Women’s Program Manager, I had no idea that one day I’d be standing in front of hundreds of business owners teaching leadership.

And, when I was coaching leaders at the Leadership Development Center for the Department of Homeland Security, I had no idea I would be coaching business leaders, solopreneurs, and business owners on how to design their destiny.

You never really can fathom where life will take you.

Wherever you are or whatever you’re doing right now – all of this is to prepare you for the next steps in life or business. 

Even if it doesn’t make sense, you’re being prepared and trained for a bigger calling and purpose.


The Upside Challenge of the week is to look at what are you doing now that may prepare you for the next steps on your journey?

What lessons have you learned this past year that you’ll be able to apply in the future?

What wisdomcan you pass on to teach your clients and customers?

You’re on this path for a reason.

Your time is now.

The world needs you and your brilliance.

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