I’ll never forget the moment I took a stand for one of my clients at a private retreat.

I challenged her “truth” – and spoke firmly and boldly about what wasn’t serving her.

My stand came from a place of love – and she nodded, knowing I was right.

For years, it was easier for her to make excuses and live what looked like a comfortable life.

(Comfort doesn’t change the world. Vulnerability changes everything).

No one laid a hand on her, yet you witnessed her feeling as if she was held – and she began to soften. Despite the thoughts racing through her head, she was doing her best to be in the moment.

After several minutes passed and we all sat in the silence, I asked her what she wanted to let go of and claim to move forward.

Now, it was my turn to soften as she took a bold stand for what she wanted.

She laid it all out there and shared powerfully and vulnerably.

While she said she had no idea how to stop the pattern, I did – and within 15 minutes we walked through a process leaving her lighter and her energy clearer.

And, she still carries that bold stand and unwavering belief in what she’s doing today.

In order to do the work you’re called to do, it’s critical to have a safe space where you get to be your authentic self.

Whether you’re working in someone else’s business or running your own, you’ve got to have places where you can go to be vulnerable in safety and fully challenged to grow – to go where it’s uncomfortable.  

Great leaders are willing to do their own internal work in order to make a bigger positive difference in the world.

While I provide a safe and powerful container for my clients, I also have coaches, mastermind partners and organizations where I go to do my own work.

I can take a stand for a client’s brilliance, remind them who they are, and challenge them to work in a way that best serves them, and yet I still need my own reminder – and have a team of people who have unwavering belief in my own brilliance.

Create your team of people who are committed to your success.

Reinvention involves some dismantling in order to be rebuilt.

Remember, you will pass through messy parts of growth required to get to the next level.

You need people who both constructively challenge you and also stand firmly in the vision of who you can become tomorrow.


The Upside Challenge of the week is to take inventory of who is on your team. Do you have people around you that are committed to your success? Have a conversation with one of them about growth edges for yourself. What do they see that would help move you forward?  

The world needs you and your brilliance.

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