Are there any deep disappointments in your life that you just can’t seem to shake?

Do you feel like you’ve been asking for relief with no end in sight?

Or, perhaps your life is so good right now, that you feel guilty or are sure that something not so good is just around the corner?

Oh, I’ve been there – and get how hard this can be.

I’ve written about the most heartbreaking seasons I’ve had in my business, and my life over the past few years.

While the circumstances of your life and mine may be different, you probably have had moments where you’ve wrestled with your own fears.

You probably have memories that still hurt – and circumstances you don’t understand.

You probably have disappointments that still sting – and realities where you’ve swallowed back your tears.

And, it may not be a distant memory.

You may still be in it wondering why you’re walking through “this” right now.

In private moments, I’ve wanted to scream words I don’t use about the unfairness of a situation. 

Yet, I rely deeply on the promise of hope.

Defined as the “feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen” or “the ability to trust”, hope is not tied to our circumstances.

When I hope, it doesn’t mean I ignore reality.

It does mean trusting that everything is conspiring for my greatest good, even if it doesn’t feel that way in the moment.

On my journey, I’ve discovered sometimes you’ve got to walk through the muck to stand on solid rock.

I’ve got to get unstuck from what is binding me before I can take a stand for myself and others.

So if you’re going through something hard right now, let me lean in and share how amazing you are.

You’ve got this. And, you’re not alone.

You may be tested and strengthened for your journey.

The difficulty isn’t a sign that it’s not worth doing or that you should give up.

Like with the forging process, you can work through challenges and pressures and be stronger.

A cut diamond shines even more magnificently.


ACTION: The Upside Challenge of the week is to see how past challenges have strengthened you or even made you rise to a new level. Really savor the triumph and growth. Write it down. Label in a way that will remind you to trust and have hope during hardship. Repeat this process and refer to these reminders as needed.

The world needs you and your brilliance.

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