Jim and I travel often, usually staying at a Marriott property, Renaissance, or the Ritz-Carlton.

After years in the military, Jim’s idea of roughing it is the Motel 6.

However, every so often we travel to a remote area where the Motel 6 would be delightful.

Two years ago, we stayed at a motel – or at least that’s what the sign said – that was “interesting” at best.

Despite the sparsely decorated room, thread-bare sheets, lumpy pillow, and scratchy blanket, there was the drip-drip of the faucet.

I’m not sure why but I gather it may be from all of our years in law enforcement, Jim and I are both pretty noise conscious.

Drip-drip, drip-drip, drip-drip. It just kept getting louder.

Jim got up several times to try to fix the problem, or create some white noise to drown out the little irritation.

And, I wondered if the owners knew how much money was literally being washed down their drain.




The drip-drip in your personal and professional life.

I’m sure you are like most people and think you’re taking all the right steps toward reaching your goals.

When you start out, you’re feeling good, and you’ve got a plan. (You do have a plan, right?!?)

But, just like that leaky faucet, there may be a drip-drip and you didn’t even know it – and you can’t figure out why the blazes you aren’t there already.

So what do you do when you think you’re doing everything right? Well, you probably keep doing what you’re doing.

So, here are three (3) places to start checking for leaks:

1. Clarity:  Do you know what you want to achieve? Are you clear about where you want to go? Have you created a vision that inspires you to take action every day?

2. Confidence: Deciding where you want to go is the next step to getting what you want. Possessing unwavering confidence to travel the sometimes rough terrain will be a must on your journey. And, when you are crystal clear about what you want, you must believe that you can actually have it. This is tricky because if you focus on the “wanting”, you’ll simply get more wanting. Get excited and feel that excitement as you envision your accomplishments and picture your final destination.

3. Connection: As Sandra Day O’Connor said, “You cannot accomplish anything alone…” We need other people to support us on our journey and connection is integral to making this a reality.

Stay well, stay connected, and stay Upside!

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