I often say that life is grand here at Upside Thinking, Inc.

It’s not so much that I don’t get overwhelmed, or have moments when things aren’t going my way, it is simply that I rarely let those moments get in the way of having an Upside day.

However, there are a few rare occasions when life gets the best of me and the going gets tough – and a few weeks ago, I was having one of “those” days.

That morning, I received a regularly scheduled call with my mastermind partner, Linda Fossom,and we were going through our daily to-do’s.

I shared that I was disappointed about a few situations that didn’t go as I had hoped and that I wasn’t sure what I was going to accomplish during the day because I was in a bit of a funk.

She listened and then challenged me to share 5 action items that I take to get back on track and find the Upside in my day – because she knows it doesn’t take me long.

I was so inspired; I thought I’d share them with you this week so here they are —

  1. Put on some music.– Oftentimes, I put on a happy tune, and sing and dance away. Fortunately, I work alone so no one can hear me. (smile)
  2. Unplug. – I give myself permission to stop what I’m doing, and do something fun. I may go for a walk, head out to get a quick manicure, or indulge in a good book. Whatever it is, I give myself permission to have fun and sneak away during work hours.
  3. Affirm what’s working. – When I’m feeling like the day isn’t going my way, I pause, take a breath, and make a list of all that is going well. By focusing on what is going right, I stay out of the victim mode and my pity party doesn’t last very long.
  4. Connect with another Upside Thinker. – I pick up the phone and call someone to talk. The conversation doesn’t have to have anything to do with my disappointment. All I’m seeking to do is to break the cycle of thinking about what’s not going my way.
  5.   Write about the Upside. – Sometimes I sit down and write an article about living on the Upside. That challenges me to think about something other than the challenging situation I’m facing.

How do you react when things get tough?

Relaxing on hammock

What do you do to center yourself, regroup, and become more objective?

Maybe you wish you could be braver, stronger, or more creative – and you can.

So, what will you do the next time you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, and out of sorts?

I encourage you to see yourself as the pirate, swinging the machete and laughing in the face of adversity.

After all, being an Upside Thinker is easy when everything is coming up rosesIt’s another story to be an Upside Thinker when things get tough.

Yes, when the going gets tough, the tough get Upside.

Oh, and by the way, on this particular day, thanks to Linda and her wisdom, I went on to secure a new client (can you give me a woo-hoo?!?), and laugh at myself a bit, too.

Remember, life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely. Choose Upside.

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