“Contagious, High Energy!”

When I was putting together my first workshop almost two decades ago, I remembered how my grandfather used to comment on how I could “change the energy in the room just by being in it.”

Well, that gift is what I bring to every training I deliver.

When an organization hires me, I bring an energy that is like an unstoppable force throughout the room. And, it gets results.

First, I partner in identifying the specific results the organization wants, providing consultation on what they need that they just can’t see.

“Best Training Workshop Ever!”

Corporate Workshops 1Because research shows that employees at all levels who are highly motivated and engaged are more productive, I offer a comprehensive Leadership Academy with up to 13 (thirteen) training modules to equip employees to grow in the organization.

My commitment to the highest level of learning for attendees requires me to customize the training I offer. That’s right — all of my trainings are customized, not “canned”, and they are tailored to address the specific strengths and operational challenges of the organization.

Second, my design facilitates alignment with organizational vision as well as how to bridge gaps. Participants leave with the practical tools and enthusiasm needed to increase productivity to positively impact the organization’s bottom line.

Corporate Workshops 2Delivery options include presenting modules back-to-back over two weeks or in Lunch & Learns over several months. All workshops can include assessments, coaching, or other tools to enhance the learning process.

Call me to identify the best solution for your organization to excel.

Below is a list of the topics that can be customized for your organization:

  • Designing a High-Performance Climate: How Leveraging the Talents of Your Team Leads to Profitability
  • Developing Your Leadership Potential: Why the Best Leaders Understand that Improving Your Interpersonal Competence (EQ) is More Important than Your IQ
  • Meeting the Leadership Challenge: How to Obtain Maximum Results by Building Commitment and Exercising Positive Influence
  • Communicating for Greater Results: How Sharpening Your Communication Skills Pave the Way for Bigger Opportunities
  • The Power of Motivation – How to Increase Your Sphere of Influence and Develop Others Through Positive Reinforcement
  • Managing Performance: Why Awareness and Action Can Make or Break the Organization’s Future Success
  • Effective Team Management: How to Apply the 4 Keys to Managing Teams to Unlock Employee Ownership and Shared Possibilities
  • Driving Results: How to Plan, Monitor, and Direct Work to Increase Performance Outcomes
  • Motivating Across Generations: How to Turn Generational Differences into Your Biggest Asset
  • Effective Conflict Resolution: How to Uncover Sources of Conflict and Determine the Best Approach to Resolve Disagreements
  • Time Management Techniques: How to Increase Productivity to Get the Results You Desire
  • Recognizing Career Roadblocks: What You Need to Know about How to Work Effectively with Supervisors, Colleagues, Direct Reports (and Why You Might Be Sabotaging Your Next Promotion)
  • Leading Change: How to Move Yourself and Your Organization from the Status Quo to Strategic Thinking, Innovation, and Creativity
  • The Power of Motivation: How to Assert Your Influence to Cultivate Authentic Relationships