Why Not Fitting In is a Very Good Thing

Did you ever feel as if you didn’t fit in? …as if you were a round peg in a square hole? I’m here to tell you that not fitting in is a very good thing

Are You Clear on Your Non-Negotiables in Work and Life?

When you behave in a way that anchors your commitments, you live your priorities. I invite you to think about you non-negotiables in work and life.

Why You Need to Understand the Art of Positioning

There is nothing worse than feeling invisible as a leader. That is why is so important to understand and use the Art of Positioning

Is it Time to Embrace Your Plan B?

As I’ve shared with my clients, always have a Plan B. And what’s interesting about Plan B, C, and D etc., is they ensure you will achieve what you want.

The #1 Block to Leadership, Connection and Positioning – and Big Opportunities

Examine where regret may be getting in the way of you shining your light. The world needs you and your brilliance. Move into where big opportunities live

The Secret Benefit to Embracing Vulnerability

Don’t you think it is time to embrace vulnerability and step into the life you truly want to be living? I assure you it is a magical adventure.

Why Leadership is Simply the Art of Influence

Have you realized how leadership is at the center of everything you do in life? Well, it is. Just think about it for a minute. And that is why leadership is simply the art of influence

Create Powerful Partnerships That Pay Big Dividends

If you want to design your destiny and maximize your opportunities, you rise higher when you partner with others. So, how can you start creating powerful partnerships?

Why Being Grateful Creates Prosperity

Being grateful for where you are – and mostly being grateful for who you are to have gotten this far as gratitude is critical to creating prosperity. See how you can get rid of any feelings that are keeping you from being grateful and prosperous

Discover 5 Simple Secrets to Get More Done

What are the ways I’ve learned you can use the power of leverage in your personal or professional life to get done with less effort?