Why a Mid-Year Check Up is So Important

You only get a limited amount of time to live out your mission, purpose, and calling. Ant that’s why a mid-year check up is so important

What Three Steps You Need to Know to Stay Focused

Staying focused takes a strong desire to manage your time well and be intentional about each action. Here’re 3 ways to stay focused on what matters most

Is it Time to Embrace Your Plan B?

As I’ve shared with my clients, always have a Plan B. And what’s interesting about Plan B, C, and D etc., is they ensure you will achieve what you want.

Simple Keys to Getting Clear on YOUR VISION

I invite you to lo inside and answer the question “If I could do anything I wanted without compromising who I am, What Would Be MY VISION?”

The Connection Between Rest, Emotional Intelligence and Increased Productivity

Rest increases a leader’s creativity and can increase productivity, effectiveness and emotional intelligence. See how you can get done in less time.

Are You the One Designing the Life You Are Living?

Have you ever wished you had the courage to live a life true to yourself? That’s what I want to talk to you about this today because today is the perfect day to make sure the life you are living is truly designed by you.

Priorities – Are You Clear On What Yours Are?

Most people believe it’s possible to have a long list of priorities — and if you work hard enough, you will accomplish everything you want.However, when you become unintentional about how you invest your time and spend it haphazardly, there is a cost. Take a lo

Are You “Golding”?

I’ve identified three spaces where someone can operate that will keep them out of being courageous, vulnerable leader. Take a lo Over the past 18 months, I’ve been stepping into the arena of speaking about vulnerability in leadership. I hired Susan Kerby, speaker coach extraordinaire, to work with […]

Are You Ready to Move from Exhaustion to Excitement?

Choose to live your priorities and set your day up with ease and grace so you can truly be blessed, not stressed; focused, not frazzled. Let’s move you from exhaustion to excitement

Is it Time to Change Your Perspective?

In order to benefit from Upside Thinking, you’ve got to see upside, be upside, and lead upside – and always be grateful. Here are five tips that will help you change your perspective to an Upside one. When I first opened the doors to Upside Thinking, Inc., I didn’t […]