Why Not Fitting In is a Very Good Thing

Did you ever feel as if you didn’t fit in? …as if you were a round peg in a square hole? I’m here to tell you that not fitting in is a very good thing

Taking Back Your Time: How to Invest it Wisely

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Are You Clear on Your Non-Negotiables in Work and Life?

When you behave in a way that anchors your commitments, you live your priorities. I invite you to think about you non-negotiables in work and life.

There is Strength in Vulnerability

I believe comfort doesn’t change the world. Vulnerability changes everything. And there is much strength in vulnerability!

Why You Need to Understand the Art of Positioning

There is nothing worse than feeling invisible as a leader. That is why is so important to understand and use the Art of Positioning

Why a Mid-Year Check Up is So Important

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What Camping and Leadership Have in Common

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What Three Steps You Need to Know to Stay Focused

Staying focused takes a strong desire to manage your time well and be intentional about each action. Here’re 3 ways to stay focused on what matters most