Move Beyond Fear and Into Joy!

Have you ever been paralyzed and kept from doing something you knew you were called to do? How can you move beyond fear and into joy?

Have you ever been overcome by fear that it prevented you from doing something you knew you were called to do?

Years ago, there was an executive at a global manufacturer of automotive electronic components that asked me for a proposal to do work within his organization.

We had several meetings where he shared his vision and then he invited me for a site visit.

They had over a dozen facilities and were positioning themselves for massive growth and recognized they needed to have strong leaders to take them to where they wanted to go.

That’s where I was to come in.

After the visit, he asked for an outline of a plan of how he could bring his vision of creating world-class leaders to life.

I believed in him — and I could see how this was possible for him to do.

And, he believed in me – and how my expertise could help him realize his vision faster.

Yet, every time I sat down at my desk to write up the proposal, I froze.

Even though I had someone who believed in me AND wanted to work with me, when I sat at my desk, I heard voices that told me that I wasn’t good enough to take on this project.

Every. Single. Time.

And, the fear of failing within this organization kept me feeling small — and I waited so long to get him a proposal — that he was no longer interested in my services.


Writing about it still makes me sick to my stomach.

Fear keeps you from taking risks, and stepping into your calling, mission or purpose.

Beyond Fear - Upside Thinking

If you allow its grip to get ahold of you, it can erode your quality of life as you never venture very far from your comfort zone.

Today, I’m clear that fear is only a chemical response to an unfamiliar situation that scares us.

Because it is a natural reaction designed to keep us safe, it’s normal and necessary.

How to move beyond fear

Here are three things you can do to move beyond your fears:

  1. Choose Upside.

Fear often bubbles up because of negative beliefs. If you expect the worst to happen and worry about what could go wrong, you will become paralyzed by what you presume to be true.

Yet, if you focus on your talents, gifts and abilities and see through an Upside lens, your fear will be lessen.

And, even if fear does rear its ugly head, you can keep it into perspective as you step into your confidence and truth.

If I would have done that, I would have submitted the proposal in a timely manner.

Instead, my fear won out and I lost an amazing opportunity to work with a company that inspired me.

  1. Claim Your Truth.

What you worry about rarely ever happens.

While that may not be comforting when you’re in the middle of choosing to step out of your comfort zone or stay where you are, if you pay attention to your truth and what you want vs. what you think might happen, you get to spend your time working on what is vs. what might be.

Now, when I get invited to do work in an organization that stretches me, I call up a few colleagues and ask them to brainstorm ideas on how I can submit the best program within the proposal.

I take action, stepping into my expertise.

By doing this, my fear gets small because I change my perspective and claim my truth.

  1. Do What Makes You Uncomfortable.

When you choose to feel the fear and do it anyway, you are making your commitment to your mission and calling more important than the feeling of not having something work out the way you planned.

Fear is a feeling designed to keep you safe and when you give it too much power, it will take away your joy.

Choose to do what makes you uncomfortable because the magic happens when you step outside your comfort zone.

Action Item Beyond Fear - Lisa Marie Platske

The Upside Challenge of the week is to implement one of the three steps to move beyond your fears and into the joy that comes from being aligned with who you are, what you want, and why it matters.

Choose to be a leader worth following.

The world needs you and your brilliance.